Disposable 3-Layer Breathable Earloop Face Mask

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8.00 Ounces

• 50 Count Masks

Product Features:

    • ≥95% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) up to 3.0 microns
    • Filters Dust & Pollen
    • Made with Polypropylene with 3 layers of protection
    • Outer non-woven fabric for anti-bacterial layer
    • Middle filtration layer of melt-blown fabric
    • Soft inner layer absorbs the mist you breathe out
    • Eco-friendly and adjustable nose clip for a proper fit
    • Disposable and maintenance-free
    • Color: blue

1) Remove mask from box. Unfold mask and apply to face from bridge of nose down to jaw.
2) Lightly press along nose piece to fit.
3) Hang elastic straps over both ears.
4) Adjust to fit mask to cover from bridge of nose to jaw.
5) Dispose after use or if it becomes soiled. Single use only. Do not reuse.

Always follow User Instructions and use in manners as indicated
DO NOT use in any manner not indicated in the User Instructions